BTE Training App - Coming Fall 2021

Goal and career specific training programs that adapt to your needs and schedule



Our proprietary algorithm compares your fitness to where it needs to be to do your job or accomplish your goal and automatically individualizes your program


As your fitness improves your program will automatically adapt to consistently challenge you. Have a busy schedule? Changing availability to equipment? No problem. The app works with you to adapt your training while keeping you on track with your long term goals.  


Every training session includes a mental skill emphasis to help build your mind as well as your body. Every training block & session includes an in-depth overview, so you know exactly why and how to get the most out of each training session. Courses on a variety of topics including mental skills, nutrition, recovery, sleep and many more are also included.

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+ Understand your weaknesses and target them

The BTE Training App automates the process we use as coaches. It will assess your strengths and weaknesses and create an individualized program based on your goals. The Dashboard provides an in-depth overview of where you need to focus your training efforts. This data will regularly and automatically adjust your training program to maintain strengths and improve weaknesses.

+ Build mental skills

Every training session will include a specific mental skill focus. Courses including mental skills, building resilience, and more are included with your training program. 

+ Adjust workouts based on your schedule

Change your weekly structure, pause training, skip workouts, and adjust training volume on a day-to-day basis. Whatever your schedule, the program can adapt to fit it.

+ Adjust exercises based on equipment and preferences

No more making up on-the-fly modifications. Make a change once and the app saves your preferences. Traveling for a while? Adjust your program for minimal equipment. Back home with a full gym? Update your program to include the new equipment you've got available.

+ Goal-specific training programs

Course-specific SOF selection prep, active-duty operator fitness, and fire and law enforcement specific programs are available.

+ Learn about the 'why' behind your training sessions

Learn why specific methods and training sessions are being assigned to you and how they will help you achieve your goals.

+ Track progress and get individualized guidance for every training session

PR tracking, suggested weights, running and rucking speeds, and heart rate zones based on your specific capabilities help you get the most out of every training session.

+ Automatic adjustments

Show up and do the work; the app takes care of the rest. You'll be guided to review and adjust your strategies based on your physical and mental performance.


Yes. Instead of an arbitrary or one-size-fits-all approach based on a goal that makes a ton of assumptions, your goals are defined by your career path or desired capability. From there, the training is individualized based on your current fitness level. 

So, if there are two people training for the same goals, the person with a huge endurance background doesn’t get the same program as the individual who is incredibly strong, but hasn’t been doing much endurance training. This leads to far more effective training based on you, not just your goals. 

Due to the individualization process that app uses to create your training program, there are hundreds of different training programs. However, there are five main tracks:

  1. SOF Selection
    1. You are preparing for a military SOF (any branch) or FBI / CIA selection process. 
  2. Operator 
    1. You are currently an operator looking to improve fitness across the board, stay healthy, and perform well when operational. 
  3. LEO 
    1. You work in law enforcement (police, sheriff, homeland security, FBI, etc) or are preparing to work in this field. 
  4. Fire
    1. You work as a firefighter (urban or wildland) or are preparing to work in this field. 
  5. Civilian
    1. Your job doesn’t rely on your physical performance, or if it does, it falls outside the categories listed. Regardless of your occupation, you want to be capable of excelling at any physical task while becoming more mentally and emotionally resilient.  

Once you choose a track, you’ll work through the on-boarding questions and assessments to build a program based on your goals, and overall fitness.

Yes. If you have an injury that limits your ability to train that body part (e.g. you are recovering from shoulder surgery), all the strength training sessions will be modified until you are ready to go back to normal training. 

You can also swap out any exercise that doesn’t work for you on the fly. 

Yes. The app will automatically adjust movements based on the equipment you have available. You can update this on the fly if you travel frequently and your access to equipment varies over time. 

If you’re on deployment, travel constantly, or are in any other situation where equipment is sparse, we have programs for that too. 

How many days you train each week depends on what you’re training for and how fit you are. Regardless, you can always ‘pause’ the program to catch up, skip workout days, reduce the volume of a workout, and adjust the schedule on the fly. All of these options make it easy to adjust your training when life happens.

Each training session provides an expected completion time and is also labeled to help you decide which ones to save for the days when you’re fresh, and which you can knock out on busier days or when you’re a little more fatigued.   

You can easily look ahead to preview what’s coming up and adjust the training schedule accordingly. You can adjust your training in three ways: 

  1. Pause: No training sessions are assigned until you continue the program. Perfect if you are travelling, have a busy stretch at work, or some other life interruption. 
  2. Adjust: You can adjust which training sessions are assigned to each day in the next week. This allows you to adjust training based on your schedule. 
  3. Skip: If you need to drop a training session, you can choose to skip it. 
Adjusting workouts requires an understanding of the stressors involved in the PT session. In *most* cases, unit pt sessions aren't that taxing compared to the work that you're doing for SOF prep, so you can think of them as random work capacity sessions.
It's usually best to manage them by coasting through them as much as you can without drawing negative attention to yourself so that you can get easy aerobic volume from them while saving as much of your energy as possible for your structured SOF prep workouts. In the cases where they're legitimately hard, you may need to adjust the volume of your SOF prep workouts to account for the increased recovery demand.
However, if you're regularly finding that your unit PT's are highly draining and you're not attached to a SOF unit, it's probably a good indicator that you're generally lacking in fitness and have a relatively long runway in front of you to build work capacity and a bigger aerobic foundation. 

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