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Goal and career-specific training programs that adapt to your needs and schedule

+ Identify gaps in your fitness and target them 

+ Flexible and adaptable training that changes as you do 

+ Every training session includes a mental skill emphasis to help build your mind as well as your body

+ Learn why specific methods and training sessions are being assigned to you and how they will help you achieve your goals

+ Track progress and get individualized guidance for every training session

Want to learn how the best operators in the world train and recover?

Want to build your body and mind into powerful tools that can overcome any challenge?

Want to enter a SOF selection course for yourself—and succeed?

If so, this is the book for you.  

This is a 538-page textbook designed to serve as a long-term reference guide for special operations prep or for anyone looking to perform at a high level.

4.9 Rating, 500+ Reviews
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