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Program Examples:

  • Land Based 1
    • This program was written for an SFAS candidate who only had access to a single kettlebell, a pullup bar, and a rucksack for equipment during some of his training. This makes the strength sessions very easy to adapt to an at-home setup because if you don't have a kettlebell you can easily swap in a single dumbbell and do all the workouts as written.
  • Land Based 2
    • This is the same candidate from our month 1 land-based example program, roughly six months into his program. He has access to full gym equipment at this point so his strength work has more equipment variety. He's just coming off a phase that focused on anaerobic power, so we're again focusing his energy system development primarily on aerobic and alactic capacity, although some of his running work and other energy systems work will push him into anaerobic and aerobic threshold intensities in order to maintain adaptations there. His strength work is focused on low-volume strength and power, and the overall program is designed to keep him moving regularly throughout the day with an emphasis on frequent activity and work capacity. As you can see, his work capacity and tolerance for total volume has increased from his first phase, which is one of our objectives.
  • Maritime 1
    • This program was the first month of training for a BUD/S candidate. One of the primary things we were emphasizing was his ability to extend his hips without excessive tension or extension in his lower back. The energy system emphasis is predominantly aerobic and alactic, with some attention toward building and maintaining maximal strength. As a maritime candidate, he's spending a lot of time in the water. Some of that time is focused on speed and endurance but at this stage we want to make sure that he's technically skilled so he's spending a lot of time working on technique and efficiency.

Breathing / Mobility Circuits:

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Types of Workouts

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