Work with BTE's Physical Therapist

Tim is our go-to physical therapist. We worked for him for years out of our Denver training facility, and he does remote consults for many of our 1-v-1 clients. If you have an ongoing issue and don't have a trusted PT, we highly suggest working with him. 

Tim's Bio:

Tim is a Colorado-based Doctor of Physical Therapy with a passion for rock climbing, trail running, and technical backcountry skiing. Professionally, he's been involved in the physical preparation of military, tactical, and law enforcement personnel since 2010. 

Tim's treatment approach centers on restoring a client's ability to comfortably move across all joints- this type of movement fluidity and variability is commonly lost in hard-charging, well-trained tactical athletes. His assessment process includes evaluating posture, gait, joint motion, and muscular tension to identify the etiology of movement impairments. His prescribed interventions may include myofascial release, positional respiration, and coordinative exercises aimed at getting athletes out of pain and back to training. 


Book a call with Tim to discuss your situation and explore if working with him is a good fit. The initial consult is free, but ongoing session pricing can be found below:

  • + 50-minute single session - $159
  • + 4-pack of sessions - $119 per session (paid upfront)

Click the link below or email Tim directly at [email protected] to set up a consult. 


“I'm a police officer, and issues with my shoulder and groin were preventing me from being a fully capable member of my team. Tim helped me with simple resets and modifications to specific exercises (squat, bench, etc.), and I'm not back to performing at the level my team expects of me and I expect of myself.”

- BTE App Client

"I was referred to Tim through Building the Elite after a hamstring issue was preventing me from being able to complete running workouts needed prior to a selection course. Within four telehealth sessions, Tim was able to generate exercises and drills that improved my range of motion and running mechanics. I'm now back to training and, more importantly, have a solid chance of being able to complete that selection course."

- BTE 1v1 Client

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