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Krista is our go-to performance psych and works 1-1 with many of our clients seeking to sharpen the mental and emotional skills needed to handle some of the toughest training courses in the world.  

KSD's Bio:

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, aka Coach KSD, is a trained counselor specializing in the psychology of behavior change, with certifications including motivational interviewing, solution-focused, DBT, CBT, and trauma counseling.

She’s got 25 years of coaching and teaching experience under her belt, and is the author of numerous books and accredited nutrition, sleep, stress, and recovery courses.  

Learn to confront what's holding you back mentally

You might think Krista’s approach focuses on how to be more of a hardass. While developing mental toughness is part of the toolbox, often the limiting factor for driven tactical athletes isn’t just being tougher or more stoic. 

Rather, it’s managing the other, often more challenging psychological experiences that are a natural part of training, selection, and performance. 


  • + That nagging little voice that whispers (or screams), “You aren’t good enough” when you don’t do as well as you hoped.
  • + Suddenly losing your motivation and fire to succeed. 
  • + The dark night of the soul where you’re wondering if it’s all even worth it. 
  • + Anxiety that makes you feel like your brain is a spin cycle full of angry hamsters.

And, modern leadership requires high emotional intelligence and the ability to regulate your emotions (aka to handle your shiz).

So, Krista’s approach focuses on: 

  • + covering the bases of “deep health” — balancing top performance and pushing your limits with psychological recovery that keeps you in the game as long as possible;
  • + learning and practicing “road-tested” psychological skills — not just for passing the course or performing in the field, but for other areas of life too; and
  • + going into the crusty corners of the psyche to dig out some of the crud that might be keeping you psychologically “stuck” even if your body is in top shape

Work with Krista

55-minute single session plus between-session follow-up and homework - $195

Click the link to book, or email Krista directly at [email protected]

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